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The United States Next Opponent in the 2010 World Cup is Slovenia…That is said with a nice and thick European accent, just like you are taking a cool dip in the mighty Adriatic. S-L-O-V-E-N-I-A!

With that said, I am sure just like myself, we know little about this Mediterranean delight. Well, congratuFU*KINGlations, Slim is about to educate you on a little thing I like to call Slovenia Fun Facts. And what better way than to compare it to the good Ol’ US of A! That is fair right?




Official Name

United States of America

Republic of Slovenia


260 million

2.1 million

Main Export

Airplanes, computer parts and electronics…Cool Sh*t.

Machinery and other manufactured products…YAWN!




Main Sport

NASCAR, yep those middle 32 states really “F” up our country.

Soccer and Gymnastics

(Love a good pommel horse)

Famous Rock Band


(It is actually a crime in the United States to not like the song “Walk This Way”)


(Avant-garde music group with neo-classical musical styles) Whatever the Sh*t that all means!)


Stole Country from Native Americans.

Gained its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991.

Favorite Food Condiment

Ranch…you have been to a College Sorority right?

Red Paprika

(The “Red Paprika” is also my go to bedroom move)

Most Famous City

New York, New York…city so nice they named it TWICE.

Ljubljana…city so nice they named it Ljubljana? Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Famous Boy Band

N’Sync…(BYE BYE BYE, what a great jam)

They have a lot of folk music there which is not ideal for a boy band…So going to go with a “N/A” for this one.

Infamous Political Scandal

This is a pick em’ for the States…

-Richard Nixon and Watergate (which Forrest Gump uncovered…he sure is smart for a re-Tard)

-Clinton getting his rocks off in the oval office then lying under oath.

-And of course the famous Warren G Harding Sex Scandals of the 1920’s. We all remember that one right?

Serious clashes occurred between left wing and right wing parties in the 1990s, with many corruption scandals, as well as scandals involving secret services, the interference of the army in the civil sphere, and arms trafficking.

So nothing really important…

Frozen Dinner

Salisbury Steak with the candied apples…What an absolute TREAT!

Goulash baby, Straight Goulash!

Stupidest Invention

Pet Rock…I mean c’mon!

“Miracle Fiber”…which is ten times stronger than steel.

Crazy how that did not catch on.

Stupidest Invention #2

Dental Dam…I mean c’mon!

(Editor’s note: If a guy is going to do it, might as well be all natural.)

“The Snorkle”…no, not the great underwater helper, but the horribly ugly mail box on the side of the streets. Thanks Slovenia, thanks.

Company of Note

Microsoft and of course that little start-up, Google.

Mercator (Grocery Stores)

Boxers or Briefs

In true American fashion, we created a product called boxer-briefs which have the hip look of boxers but the needed support for the “goods” provided by the brief. Boxer-Briefs, what a breath of fresh air!

Briefs…for sure. All Europeans wear briefs, and they are probably multi-colored.

Vacation Spot


Škocjan Caves

Adult Film Star

Jenna Jamison

Hvala “Thrust” Zdravo

Top viewed TV show


Baywatch…Pam Anderson has gone global

Sex Position

The Desert Storm

The Slovenian Slumber

Slimwiththetiltedbrim’s pick to win the GAME…

USA 3-0


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