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One might ask what does the word WAG mean? These WAGs I always keep hearing in the tabloids…Well, it is the acronym the England Press have come up for the “Wives and Girlfriends” or WAGs of famous soccer players. We all know that soccer players always have the finest of eye candy on their arms and at home in their sheets. So for your viewing pleasure, I have assembled the finest starting lineup of WAGs for the 2010 World Cup.

True or false, every reader is signing up for a soccer team right now to try and grab a WAG of their own…TRUE!

-Spain goalkeeper Iker Casillas
-Absolute DIMER Girlfriend Sara Carbonero

-England’s strong defender John Terry
-Wife Toni Terry…I would never cheat on you, like your boy JOHN!

-Argentina center back Martin Demichelis
-Girlfriend Evangelina Anderson, YUM. (The chick, not the dude)

-England’s defender Ashley Cole
-About to be EX-wife Cheryl Cole who is slimwiththetiltedbrim’s favorite WAG!
(Ashley Cole recently cheated on Cheryl and they are splitting up)
A champagne toast is in order for Ashley…thanks for helping Cheryl get back on the open market.

-Dutch midfielder Rafael van der Vaart
-Wife Sylvie van der Vaart
I will never make out with a girl as hot as Sylvie!

-Dutch star Wesley Sneijder
-Girlfriend Yolanthe Cabau
Well played Mr. Sneijder, well played…considering you look like a hobbit!

-Germany midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger
-Girlfriend Sarah Brandner
A classic case of a guy “out kicking his coverage” with a girl. I mean look at this schmuck!

-Italian midfielder Daniele de Rossi
-Wife Gaia de Rossi
If God told me I could never talk to any of my friends again but could be the tight blue shirt on Gaia de Rossi…I would take the blue shirt, I mean take a look at her!

-England’s midfielder Steven Garrard
-Wife Alex Curran
Gerrard is a monster STUD in England, Curran is a fine piece of a*s…perfect match!

< span style="FONT-WEIGHT: bold">FORWARDS:
-England’s fiery forward Wayne Rooney
-Wife Coleen Rooney
I mean Wayne Rooney looks like a bulldog, but hey, he can score goals and probably has a sick flat on Abbey Road…

-England’s monster forward Peter Crouch
-Fiancé Abbey Clancy
Body paint and lime green and have never looked soooooooo GOOD!

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