Flyer than a piece of paper bearin my name, Got the hottest chick in the game wearin my chain.
Written by: Slim

 I got the fever, and the only prescription is more WORLD CUP!
Final Thoughts on the 2010 WORLD CUP…          
North Korea:
Grab a goal scorer, some defense, a democracy and call me in the morning…
Sh*t the bed more, seriously!  SACREBLEU!!!
-Sex Scandal…CHECK
-Team Mutiny…CHECK
-Star Forward kicked off…CHECK
-Being Last in Group A…CHECK
-Franck Ribery haunting my dreams for all of eternity…
My next car is going to be a Honda Accord…that is how sick Japan’s Keisuke HONDA is! 
Pizza pie…good. 
A little less WAGS and a lot more goals, and preparation.  Wait, I mean more WAGS and less goals.  Wait, I am confused…WAGS, get me so hot and bothered.
Good defense, solid finishing, but were missing one thing…What could it be, hmmmmmmmm…an attacking midfielder who can produce magic at any moment, looks like a horse and has greasy long hair.  Do you know a Brazilian player left off the team with those attributes?  I mean it’s tough…
Ronny, we miss you. 
Rugged good looks and accents don’t always make you a winner, unless of course you are Antonio Banderas in “Desperado”.  I mean look at Selma Hayek, oooooooohhhhhhhweeeeeeeee! 
United States:
Considering all of our countries best athletes play baseball, basketball, football, snowboard…and either play Madden 2011, slang drugs, and/or have never even seen a soccer field, we did relatively well.  
Imagine, Reggie Bush/Chris Johnson as  Forwards, Nate Robinson/Rajon Rondo in the Midfield, Carl Crawford/Josh Hamilton locking down the defense and LeBron in Goal.  WOW!
Final Note: Let’s try and stay clear from Ghana in 2014.
South Africa:
Great World Cup Host, team played well.  I do however want to find the person who created the VUVUZELA and egg the sh*t out of their house…I mean really get after the house.  Those things were the absolute f’ing devil!
I wish more than anything I could be at the after party in Barcelona with the team.  I would sell out my own brother (Yes, you David) to get on the Guest List of the Spanish team PARTY. 
Over/Under 6 people in Spain working the day after the World Cup Final…I am going under.
Should Coach Diego Maradona be on suicide watch?  How many different party drugs do you think he did after the 4-0 thrashing they took from Germany?  I am guessing a lot.

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