Bienvenido a MIAMI…
Written by: Slim


Not much to do with Sports here, but Tuesdays are my catch up on DVR’d shows night and the Season Premier of Jersey Shore 2 (Guidos Take Miami Beach) was on the top of my list.  There was no way I was NOT going to write about JS2, C’mon MAN!

Let’s just say I was expecting it to be less than stellar, but was pleasantly surprised with the episode.  It had everything from muscles and spray tans, to Staten Island Angelina and fist pumping.  But there was one part, one in particular that I laughed out loud too.  And I expect that most people missed the joke, so here we go…

One of Ronnie’s hometown buddies told him to double bag it in Miami when he is with a girl.  What is this “DOUBLE BAG” that he speaks of?  Well, I am glad you asked…

A “double bag” or “double bagging” a chick, according to “Bronx” Ronnie’s middle school educated friend is:

When the girl is so ugly that you have to wear a bag on your own head just in case hers falls off.  HA!  What a DELIGHT!

I lost it…what a great and innovative idea.  Thank you, Ronnie and friend, you have now changed the lives of frat guys across the country!  And of course, the life of one blogger…who shall remain nameless.  But seriously, I am going to try this on Friday night. 

Got to get myself to Safeway for some groceries…Paper or Plastic? 
I’ll take Paper, and give me that DOUBLE BAG!

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