Written by: Slim

And back by popular demand…MOTHA F’ING LOOK-A-LIKES!

There is nothing better than look-a-likes…except of course a hot tub, roofied punch and 10-12 sorority girls, but that is for another time.

So away we go…

Hey Washington Redskins Right Tackle Jammal Brown…Young Jeezy called, he wants his face back! 

Moving on…
Kim Kardashian’s Boo and Dallas Cowboys WR Miles Austin also plays Third Base for the New York Yankees, dates Cameron Diaz, is on the juice…and is an all around BIT*H! 

The way worse, weirder looking Adrian Peterson, running back from the Seattle Seahawks looks a lot like WHOOPI G-BERG! 
Love “Sister Act 2…”  Love saying the name Whoopi…Love that she was born Caryn Johnson and picked the ever so popular name: WHOOPI GOLDBERG!

Moving Forward…and yes this is the most look-a-likes I have ever done in one day, but I feel generous, so drink it down!

If I was to tell Cleveland Brown rookie QB Colt McCoy that he is twins with “Malcom in the Middle’s” Frankie Muniz…would that be something he is interested in?  NO?

Finally, The Kansas City Chiefs first round draft pick and all-everything Safety Eric Berry is basically a grown up version of “Role Models” star Bobb’e J. Thompson.

“Suck it Reindeer Games!”
“I’m not Ben Affleck”
“You white, then you Ben Affleck”

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