Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus…
Written by: Slim

First of all, SORRY…I apologize for the lack of action on the good ol’ BLOG as Slim has been in NYC for the past week killing SOHO bars, East Village delicatessens and Little Italy eateries…But I am now back and ready to bring a little something something to a certain Brim…of the tilted fashion.

So, for the next 32 straight days I will discuss every NFL team for the 2010 Season.  And we BEGIN!  To the AFC West and all their glory…


It comes down to two players…2nd year RB Knowshon Moreno and QB Kyle Orton (Who has been slinging so far this year…SLINGING).  The Broncos will go as far as these two can take them.  They have a few WRs that are serviceable, Jabar Gaffney, Eddie Royal, Brandon Lloyd and rookie Demaryuis Thomas, but nothing special.  Until Ed McCaffery, Rod Smith and Shannon Sharpe come out of retirement, they are in trouble.

Denver’s defense was good last year but through the first three games this year it has been terrible.  They really miss LB Elvis Dumervil and his 17 sacks last year (who is going to miss the entire year with an injury.)  They bring back Defensive Back Champ “I am the best player ever” Bailey and have some nice pieces like terrifying but aging safety Brian Dawkins and LB D.J. Williams, but until they can put some pressure on opposing Quarterback, they are going to be hurting.

Star Player:
I mean, is the name CHAMP BAILEY meant anything else than to be a star?  Have you ever been eating at a restaurant and the server’s name is Champ?  Getting a trim at the local barber?  Hi, my name is Champ, I will be giving you your haircut today…Just doesn’t have the same results.  (Note from Slim: Champ’s brothers name is Boss and he too is in the NFL.)

Ex Player We Wish Was Still on the Team:
Who doesn’t love University of Hawaii’s finest and NFL record holder for longest FG, kicker Jason Elam.  Little known fact is that Jason married a Bronco cheerleader.  So it’s true, chicks do love the little guys…YESSSSSSSS!

Ace Ventura can describe Elam to a F’ing “T”!
“Soccer style kicker, graduated from Collier High June 1976, Stetson University honors graduate class of 1980, holds 2 NCAA Division One records, one for most points in a season, one for distance, former nickname “The Mule”, the first and only pro-athlete to come out of Collier County, and one hell of a model American.”

Cheerleader I Want to Lather Orange Marmalade On:
Erica…of course they don’t give you her last name in case their are obsessive creeps who save pictures and write them poems.  So the following is my poem for Erica…just kidding, but seriously would love to take Erica out to a nice dinner at the local Old Country Buffet, my treat of course.

Best Name on the Team:
Rookie CB Syd’Quan Thompson…YES, Syd’Quan.  I am now changing this blog’s name to Syd’Slim with the tiled brim.  YESSSSSSIR!

2010 Record:
The Broncos ended their 2009 season at 8-8 and after starting this year at 1-2, I am thinking a robust 7-9 for the Broncs!

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