Better late than never, but never late is better, they tell me time is money, well we’ll spend it together…
Written by: Slim

Sorry for the delay, Slim ruptured his achilles in a co-ed flag football game and had surgery late last week leaving me too drugged up to write.  Actually, I should have tried to write, could have been entertaining and enlightening (ala Alice in Wonderland…hey author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, HAVE ANOTHER!).  I’m Back and ready to GIVE IT TO YOU!

Team Numero Dos…The Chefs, I mean CHIEFS!


The Chiefs offense is the place where they need to improve most…QB Matt Cassel needs to be more consistent with WRs  Chris “ol’ man” Chambers and “Double” Dwayne Bowe.  The Chief running backs look solid with Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.  Rookies Dexter McCluster, (who hates texting and driving) and Javier Arenas bring some excitement to the special teams game…GET AT IT!

This is where the Chiefs shine…I parallel them to MLB’s Tampa Bay Devil Rays as both teams were bad for so long that they stacked their teams with high draft picks.  Kansas City’s defense is absolutely nasty…they have studs on their line and at the linebacker positions with the likes of DE Tyson Jackson, DT Glenn Dorsey and Butkis Award winning LB Derrick Johnson.  Their secondary is young and fast with DBs Brandon Flowers, Eric “I made Slim’s NFL Look-A-Likes” Berry (Rookie) and Kendrick Lewis (Rookie).  This defense is fully loaded, like a Steven Seagal movie.

Star Player:
RB Jamaal Charles helped University of Texas to a Championship in 05’…He is blazing fast, has dreads and spells his name with more “A”s then you can count.  He is an absolute stud and has started 2010 very well trying to be the go-to-guy…and he is only 23, which is ironically the same age my future wife will be in the year 2026. 

Ex Player We Wish Was Still on the Team:
JOE COOL…Many people forget that QB Joe Montana had a cup of coffee with the Chiefs leading them to the playoffs in 1993 and 1994.  I miss Joe, miss his comebacks, miss his “Shape Ups”…miss everything!

By the way, RIP Derrick Thomas…I will always remember the seven sacks you piled up against Dave Krieg and the Seahawks.

Cheerleader I Want to dip in soy sauce and wasabi and dine on like a Spider Roll:
Not even sure what this chicks name is…WHOOOOOO CAREEEEES!  Would wrap her up like a sushi roll and finish it off with some ginger and a bowl of miso soup! NUM NUM NUM NUM…

Best Name on the Team:
Andy Studebaker…I know, I know, you are thinking where is Bonquiqui Jenkins or Creatinique Johnson? Simply said, Andy Studebaker is my favorite because he seems like it would be the name of your family’s Pacific Life Financial and Insurance Advisor, not a LB in the NFL.  That is it…tomorrow I will quench your thirst for crazy names!

2010 Record:
After going 4-12 in 2009 and starting off as the only team in the NFL with an undefeated record at 3-0 in 2010.  I believe the Chiefs will ride this wave to the playoffs and to ten wins…going 10-6.  GO CHEFS!

Next: Oakland Raiders

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