Nails done, Hair done, Everything big…Oh you fancy huh?
Written by: Slim

Recipient of Brett Favre SEXTING, Jenn Sterger looks a lot like a younger version of none other than: Deanna Favre…

Let us get to know Jenn Sterger and Deanna Favre…cool?  Okay, here we go:
-Jenn Sterger: 26
-Deanna Favre: Was 26 in 1995, which makes her a cool 41.
Famous For:
-Jenn Sterger: Getting TV time at college football games showing off her “assets” (also known as…great rack).
-Deanna Favre: Marrying a college and NFL football star Brett Favre.
Also Known For:
-Jenn Sterger: Showing off her hot bod, which of course includes her right and left breast
-Deanna Favre: Having and fighting off breast cancer.
Everyday Life:
-Jenn Sterger: Centerfold in Playboy magazine
-Deanna: Plays with her two daughters…Brittany and Breleigh.

Day Jobs:
-Jenn Sterger: Trying to get ahead by modeling with Playboy and Maxim magazines and acts in such important films as “The Tenant” and “Don’t Fade Away”…I am assuming both are straight to DVD releases.
-Deanna Favre: Heads the “Deanna Favre Hope Foundation” which supports and educates about breast cancer.

Controversy with Brett Favre:
-Jenn Sterger: In October 2010, reports surfaced that NFL quarterback Brett Favre had sent Sterger several suggestive text messages, voicemails and explicit photos (Spanish for his Di*k) of himself when he was the quarterback for the New York Jets and she was a sideline reporter for the Jets.

-Deanna Favre: In 1995, the couple almost broke up because of Brett’s brutal vicodin addiction and in 1999 the couple became estranged as a result of Brett Favre‘s heightened drinking problem.

-Jenn Sterger: Deanna Favre in 1995
-Deanna Favre: Jenn Sterger in 2025

Fun Fact:
-Jenn Sterger: Could be one of Brett Favre’s grandchildren.
-Deanna Favre: Actually has a grandchild.

Fun Fact Numero Dos:
-Jenn Sterger: Has seen Brett Favre’s weiner.
-Deanna Favre: Has most defenitely seen Brett Favre’s weiner.
-Slim: Unfortunately has also seen the ol’ Dongslinger’s weiner.

What Slim Thinks of Each:
-Jenn Sterger: My thoughts are: You got to do what you got to do to become famous…and if that means hitting on Brett Favre so he sends you a pic of his man unit, then so be it.  Jenn seems like a girl Slim would like to get to know one night after the bars over some pizza and a Montell Jordan CD, so if you are reading Jenn…Three thoughts for you: “shots on me, supreme pie on me, slow jams on me.”
-Deanna Favre: She seems like the glue that keeps the entire Favre family together…stayed with Brett through all of his trials and tribulations…so Deanna, here it is, if you want a real man, with no addictions, texting problems or millions of dollars, give Slim a shout. 

-Jenn Sterger: Needs to stop dressing, acting like a sl*t, then she will stop being treated like one.
-Deanna Favre: Needs to cancel Brett’s texting and data package on his cell.

Hey Brett, be more creepy and always remember, keep your di*k in your pants!

-I used the words breast/breasts/assets/rack/weiner/d*ck/man unit/donglslinger all in one article…blogging is the best.

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