Don’t go chasing waterfalls…Please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.
Written by: Slim
Utah Jazz playing, 6’9” standing, Rocky IV watching, hair style changing, crazy Russian living, wife swapping, b-ball starring: Andrei Kirilenko…also known as AK-47!
Below we pay homage to AK’s 14 haircuts or if you are Bill Simmons, 75 cuts.  Andrei, similar to the Russian government, has changed his mind a lot…communist, socialist, democratic, cold war, friends, foes…make up your mind already. 
Without further ado, I give you AK’s finest haircuts:
I like to call this one the “Tropicana Field astroturf” look…clean and unassuming.
The “L.A. Looks” cut…ala, Johnny from Karate Kid.
The classic AK-47 look…frosted blonde tips, right amount of gel and hair spray: Идеальный !!!!
(Perfect in Russian)
The Pedophile look, greasy and sleazy…can you say cell block B Andrei?
This good looking haircut is the “Russian Heat Helmet”…when it gets cold in Kaliningrad, it’s always nice to have the warm comb-over.

Oh AK, everyone knows this haircut…the one-eyed porcupine.
Obviously, this is the “how did this pic surface on the world wide web” haircut…Well done Andrei!
Not going to say anything about the creepy grin but this hair is called the “2-5 Fade”.
 2 on the sides, 5 up top…what a delight.
The “just got out of bed/come get some of this messy hair” look. 
If I had a nickel every time I’ve seen this one!
Two words: Lloyd Christmas…
The Town is that way…”
The “Pert Plus Commercial look”…Static upon Static!
Mohawk to the dome…
The I make $17.8 million a year look…I would be grinning like a village idiot as well.
The Faux-Hawk…regrettably like the XFL and the pet rock, never caught on.
“If he dies, he dies…”
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