How she got it I aint never get to ask…I just knew that she was fine like a ticket on the dash.
Written by: Slim

On this gloomy Tuesday in Seattle, you got to always remember…it is not as bad as Cleveland. 

LeBron haters and Cleveland Cav fans remind us how much they hate the KING!

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Basketball in Seattle?
(Taken from JOEL KNIP / KING 5 Sports)
Seattle Times technology reporter Sharon Chan writes Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer sold $1.3 billion in Microsoft stock recently. Plus, he may sell another $700 million soon. Of course, you don’t have to be a math wizard to realize that’s $2 billion cash in his pocket.

Maybe it’s just ‘Hoop Dreams,’ but the Sacramento Kings might be for sale. The Maloof brothers own the club. They’ve recently gone through some hard times financially. Plus, they want a new arena and it looks like that won’t happen. Even NBA commissioner David Stern gave them a vote of ‘no-confidence.’

According to, the Kings were worth $305 million last December. So with a mere $2 billion laying around, maybe Ballmer is making a run at an NBA team?

Maybe the Microsoft CEO can bring basketball back to the great Northwest!  I mean, one could hope.

Another video for you today…and this one is a motha fu*king doozie!  Deion “Prime Time” Sanders is not even a little bit happy that he was voted #34 on the NFL’s Networks list of Top 100 Players of All-Time. 

“19…19 Quarterbacks!  What team needs 19 Quarterbacks”

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Finishing up here I am going to give you two WATHLETES:
JESUS Eli Manning…That doesn’t look like your wife BROTHA!
It’s an absolute wonder why QB Matt Leinart was a bust in the NFL! 

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