I got a new chick, and she aint you…She Paula Patton thicke, she give me déjà vu
Written by: Slim
10 Key Points from the Past Few Weeks in Sports.
From the Desk of Tyler Price

a. Don’t take pics of your junk.

b. If you ignore 1a, don’t send pic of your junk to anyone.

c. If you ignore both 1a and 1b, don’t send pic of your junk to anyone who makes less money than you, is less famous than you, or has anything to gain from the pic of your junk.

a. Randy Moss is very picky when it comes to food.

b. Randy Moss’ dogs eat VERY well (better than I do).

Randy Moss to a Viking Caterer: “”What the Fu*k?  Who ordered this crap? I wouldn’t feed this to my dog…”

3. Cam Newton’s dad may be a pastor, but he is also a part-time pimp.

4. The “NBA Live 2002” GM approach isn’t going to work in real life (you should have seen my team though, it was sick!).

5. Advice To College football players…don’t accept anything free and think you’re going to get away with it anymore (see: entire UNC football team, Reggie Bush, ect.)

  6. Tiger was a lot better golfer when he was smashing porn stars and cocktail waitresses.

 7. Josh McRoberts should have just let the clock run out.  JOSH NOOOOOOOOOOO, BRICK!

8. There is no “royalty” in the Palace in Dallas (until they host the Super Bowl in February).

9. Apparently, hockey season started?

10. Timmy will throw hard, win the World Series, and of course…SMOKE!

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