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And on the seventh day, God gave us a lot of good f’ing college basketball teams.

TOP 20 TEAMS NCAA BASKETBALL 2010-2011 (If nobody left early)
1.) Kentucky:
Center- DeMarcus Cousins, Sophomore (Sacramento Kings)
Forward- Terrance Jones, Freshman
Forward- Patrick Patterson, Senior (Houston Rockets)
Guard- Eric Bledsoe, Sophomore (LA Clippers)
Guard- John Wall, Sophomore (Washington Wizards)
Center- Daniel Orton, Junior (Orlando Magic)
Guard- Brandon Knight, Freshman
-OH MY GOD, this team is so stacked it has NBA players coming off the bench!  I guess, John Calipari gets what he pays for…UK is my #1 Team in the LAND! 

2.) Memphis:

Center- Wesley Witherspoon, Junior
Forward- Will Barton, Freshman
Forward- Elliot Williams, Junior (Portland Trailblazers)

Guard- Tyreke Evans, Junior (Sacramento Kings)

Guard- Derrick Rose, Senior (Chicago Bulls)
Guard- Joe Jackson, Freshman
-Who the hell is going to stop the dribble penetration of Tyreke Evans and Derrick Rose…Anybody, anybody, more like NOBODY!  Memphis looks solid at #2 in the country with their current, talented players and of course Tyreke and DROSE!

3.) Ohio State:
Center- Kostas Koufos, Senior (Minnesota Timberwolves)
Forward- BJ Mullins, Junior (OKC Thunder)
Forward- Jared Sullinger, Freshman
Guard- Evan Turner, Senior (Philadelphia 76ers)
Guard-David Lighty, Senior
Guard- William Buford, Junior

Guard- Mark Titus, Super Senior and Sharp Shooter
-OH MY TALL…The #3 team in the land starts with a line-up of two 7 footers, 6’9, 6’7, and 6’5.  Good luck college teams trying to match up with the Buckeyes.  And does anyone remember what Evan “The Villain” Turner did in college last year right?

4.) Oklahoma:
Center- Tiny Gallon, Sophomore (NBDL)
Forward-  Blake Griffin, Senior (LA Clippers)
Forward- Cade Davis, Senior
Guard- Willie Warren, Junior (LA Clippers)
Guard- Tommy Mason-Griffin, Sophomore (NBDL)

-The key word here is scared…SCARED of Blake Griffin playing with actual college players.  Scared someone might actually be hurt…mentally, emotionally, physically if Blake yaps on an 18 year old freshman.  The Sooners are stacked with talent and ballers all over their squad making them the #4 team in the nation.

 5.) UCLA:
Center- Josh Smith, Freshman
Forward- Kevin Love, Senior  (Minnesota Timberwolves)
Forward- Reeves Nelson, Sophomore  
Guard- Malcom Lee, Junior
Guard- Jrue Holiday, Junior (Philadelphia 76ers)
Guard-  Tyler Lamb, Freshman
Forward- Tyler Honeycutt, Sophomore
-UCLA is looking good as new with Kevin Love leading the way.  Alongside some solid current players as well as budding NBA superstar Jrue Holiday, the Bruins would do John Wooden proud at #5 in the nation.  Raise your hand if you thought KLOVE was going to be a bust in the league only to see him throw a 30 point 30 rebound game in your face…My hand is raised.

6.) USC:
Center- Alex Stepheson, Senior
Forward- Nikola Vucevic, Junior
Forward- Bryce Jones, Freshman
Guard- OJ Mayo, Senior (Memphis Grizzlies)
Guard- DeMar DeRozan, Junior (Toronto Raptors)
Pac-Ten anyone?  A normal box score would consist of 72 USC Field Goal attempts…32 by Mayo, 30 by DeRozan.  Sounds like they are going to win some games!  Trojans command the #6 spot in the nation with two stud NBA guards.  True of false, OJ took a pay cut when entering the NBA?  TRUE!

7.) Kansas:
Center- Cole Aldrich, Senior (OKC Thunder)
Forward-Marcus Morris, Junior
Forward- Markieff Morris, Junior
Guard- Xavier Henry, Sophomore (Memphis Grizzlies)

Guard- Josh Selby, Freshman

Guard- Tyshawn Taylor, Junior
Guard- Brady Morningstar, Senior
-Selby had 21pts including the game winning 3-pointer in his first game…yep, he is pretty good.  I know Xavier (pronounced “Zah-Vee-A: like a Frenchman) and the “big ugly” Cole Alrdich can ball with the Morris twins providing some depth.  This #7 team in the nation could be higher in my rankings, they are that good.

8.) UNC:
Center- Tyler Zeller, Junior
Forward- John Henson, Sophomore
Forward- Ed Davis, Junior (Toronto Raptors)
Guard- Harrison Barnes, Freshman
Guard- Dexter Strickland, Sophomore
Forward: Reggie Bullock, Freshman
Guard: Larry Drew II, Junior
Guard: Kendall Marshall, Freshman
If we were ranking by 5-star recruits, UNC would be #1 in the nation.  But we aren’t, we are going by production and Henson, Davis and Barnes are good but not the all-world players they were supposed to be.  I will give Barnes a break because he is young and honestly way better than me.  UNC at #8 is perfect…can move up if they gel, move down if they continue to play scared, which might be the case.  Quick final note…John Henson, have longer arms, seriously, have longer arms.

9.) Wake Forrest:
Center- Travis Mckie, Freshman
Forward- James Johnson, Senior (Chicago Bulls)
Forward- Al-Farouq Aminu, Junior (LA Clippers)
Guard- J.T. Terrell, Freshman

Guard- Jeff Teague, Senior (Atlanta Hawks)
Wake, led by Jeff Teague is loaded, LOADED!  Al-Farouq looks like he can be an NBA star along with monster James Johnson, ohhhhhweeee, would have been a fun year in Winston-Salem.  Wake at #9 in the nation could be a dark horse on this list.

10.) Syracuse:
Center-  Donte Green, Senior (Sacramento Kings)
Forward- Rick Jackson, Senior
Forward- Wesley Johnson, Senior (Minnesota Timberwolves)
Guard- Scoop Jardine, Junior

Guard- Jonny Flynn, Senior (Minnesota Timberwolves)
Center- Fab Melo, Freshman
Forward- Kris Joseph, Junior
Cuse’ looking fly in orange with Jonny Flynn at the point and Donte Green and Wesley Johnson filling up the bucket.  The Orange could honestly go undefeated in the Big East with this lineup and current players helping out the NBA’ers.

11.) Kansas State:
Center- Michael Beasley, Senior (Minnesota Timberwolves)
Forward- Curtis Kelly, Senior
Forward- Rodney McGruder, Sophomore
Guard- Bill Walker, Senior (New York Knicks)

Guard- Jacob Pullen, Senior
Forward- Wally Judge, Sophomore
Lots of shots going up with this team…but that also means lots of points on the scoreboard.  With Beasley, Walker and Pullen, they will light up the opposition l
ike not many teams in the country.  KSTATE at #11 with the only problem being depth and of course Walker’s health, Beasley’s mental state and Pullen’s beard, but oh well.  Do you think Mike Beas would rather live in Manhattan, Kansas or frigid and Metrodome collapsing Minnesota? 

12.) Georgia Tech:
Center- Derrick Favors, Sophomore (New Jersey Nets)
Forward- Brian Oliver, Sophomore
Forward- Gani Lawal, Senior (Phoenix Suns, NBDL)
Guard- Iman Shumpert, Sophomore
Guard- Glen Rice Jr., Sophomore
It is all about Derrick Favors for the Yellow Jackets.  He is good, really good…don’t let the creepy look below scare you, he can dominate college basketball right now.  With Gani Lawal and Glen Rice’s son stroking the three’s like his pops, Georgia Tech solidifies the #12 spot.

13.) Texas:
Center- Tristan Thompson, Freshman
Forward- Jordan Hamilton, Sophomore
Forward- Gary Johnson, Senior
Guard- Cory Joseph, Freshman
Guard- Avery Bradley, Sophomore (Boston Celtics)
Youth, youth, youth…in Austin, the Longhorns have studs and heralded freshman Cory Joseph and Tristan Thompson.  Sprinkle some Avery Bradley and sophomore Jordan Hamilton, you have a nice recipe for 25 wins and a #13 ranking.

14.) Arizona:
Center- Derrick Williams, Sophomore
Forward- Jamelle Horne, Senior
Forward- Solomon Hill, Sophomore
Guard-  Kyle Fogg, Senior
Guard- Jerryd Bayless , Senior  (Toronto Raptors)
-Other than the mounds and mounds of hot girls laying out at the rec center, the Wildcats led by Jerryd Bayless and Pac-Ten POY candidate Derrick Williams would have been really good.  At #14 in the rankings, UofA looks like an old Lute Olsen team.

15.) Duke:
Center- Miles Plumlee, Senior
Forward- Mason Plumlee, Sophomore
Forward- Kyle Singler, Senior
Guard- Nolan Smith, Senior
Guard- Kyrie Irving, Freshman
Guard-Seth Curry, Sophomore
Guard-Andre Dawkins, Sophomore
-The only team with all college players…Duke (the current #1 team in the nation in real life) has youth, experience, depth and are just all around solid.  They have 3-4 future NBA players and with Coach K leading the charge, they take the #15 spot.  Duke breeds great NBA players such as Bobby Hurley, Christian Laettner, Trajan Langdon, Jay Williams, Mike Dunleavy, Shavlik Randolph, Josh McRoberts and J.J. Redick…oh wait.  UH OH.

16.) Pittsburgh:
Center-  DeJuan Blair, Senior (San Antonio Spurs)
Forward- Dante Taylor, Sophomore
Forward- Forward- Gilbert Brown, Senior
Guard- Ashton Gibbs, Junior

Guard- Brad Wanamaker, Senior
-Two Words and two words only: DeJuan Blair!  He is an absolute beast!  The dude threw 7’4 Hasheen Thabeet on the ground like a WWE wrestler two years ago!  With Brad Wanamaker (coolest last name ever…) Pitt is good, not great at #16.

17.) Baylor:
Center- Ekpe Udoh, Senior (Golden State Warriors)
Forward- Quincy Acy, Junior
Forward-  Perry Jones, Freshman
Guard- LaceDarius Dunn, Senior
Guard- A.J. Walton, Sophomore

Bench- Center- Brittney Grenir, Sophomore (Baylor Lady Bears)
Baylor is one of the most dynamic team in the rankings with talented center Udoh, uber talented freshman Perry Jones combined with LACE LACE LACE LACEDARIUS!  Also, Brittney off the bench could be interesting. 

18.) Indiana:
Center- Maurice Creek, Sophomore
Forward- Christian Watford, Sophomore
Forward- Jordan Hulls, Sophomore
Guard- Verdell Jones III, Junior
Guard- Eric Gordon (LA Clippers)
Let’s get something straight here.  Indiana without Eric Gordon sucks…with E.G., IU is okay.  If he takes every shot and I mean every shot, they have a chance to be good.  That’s it.  I mean who the hell is Christian Watford?

19.) Louisville:
Center- Samardo Samuels, Junior (Cleveland Cavaliers)
Forward- Terrence Jennings, Junior
Forward-  Mike Marra, Sophomore
Guard- Preston Knowles, Senior

Guard- Peyton Siva, Sophomore
-With Samardo “I left school too early” Samuels, and Terrence Jennings, Louisville has a solid front line.  Siva and Knowles are young but really good.  The Cardinals at #19 sound just about right…they really could use a little Nervous Pervis Ellison here.

20.) Gonzaga:
Center-  Robert Sacre, Junior
Forward- Austin Daye, Senior (Detroit Pistons)
Forward- Elias Harris, Sophomore
Guard- Stephen Gray, Senior
Guard- Demetri Goodson, Junior
-I like Gonzaga as much as I enjoy a swift kick to the groin but they have a solid NBA player Austin Daye with some good college players.  I will not give them anymore positive facts than that, Spokane is not cool.

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