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Written by: Slim

This is how it works:
-There are four different sports (Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer) with pictures of players or coaches from their past.  Each picture is given a score which represents the difficulty.
-There will be a clue associated to each picture for a hint.
-The answers are in white font beneath the picture…(so double click beneath the picture to reveal the name of the athlete)
*Scores are 1-3 (1 being the easiest and 3 the hardest).
After you are finished, calculate your score out of 100 to see what kind of sports fan you are.  The higher the score, the better fan you are.  In the comment section, report your score…see how you stack up against everybody!

Sports Quiz Ratings:
76-100: You are a sports trivia stud, but need to get out more.
51-75: Moving in the right direction, but still need some work.
26-50: You need to stop DVR’ing Gossip Girl and start watching ESPN.
0-25: Immediately leave my sight, remove blog as a favorite, never come back and may God have mercy on your soul.

  -Out of 25 Points
Ol’ Fire-Baller!
(1 Point)
Nolan Ryan
(1 Point)
 Barry Bonds
World Series Champion.
(2 Points)
 Buster Posey
Is now the proud owner of a fine looking goatee.
 (2 Points) 
 Kevin Youkilis
 Sweet freckles as a boy, bloody sock as a man.
 Curt Shilling
 Always chubby but forever royalty.
(2 Points)
 Prince Fielder
 Saves games.
(3 Points)
 Jonathan Papelbon
 Still has the crazy delivery.
(3 Points)
 Tim Lincecum
Native American Oregonian.
(3 Points)
 Jacoby Ellsbury
 Owns Shea.
(3 Points)
 David Wright
 Little MVP that can!
(3 Points)
 Dustin Pedroia
   –Out of 54 Points
Takes excersizing the rights given by the Second Amendment to another level.
(1 Point)
  Gilbert Arenas
(Two) Legends who are famous for teaching not playing…
(1 Point each)
  Mike Krzyzewski and Bobby Knight
(1 Point)
Shaquille O’Neal
Has same smirk today slashing through the NBA!
(2 Points)
Dwyane Wade
Started working out a little more before the NBA.
(2 Points)
  Dwight Howard
Did somebody call Sideshow Bob?
(2 Points)
Joakim Noah
(2 Points)
Andre Iguodala
Tar Heel for life…
(2 Points)
Antawn Jamison
(2 Points)
 Dirk Nowitzki 
The Truth…
(2 Points)
  Paul Pierce
Is now only 6 inches taller…
(2 Points)
  Nate Robinson
COME ON…you should get this.
(2 Points)
Yao Ming
Rebounding and Hustle Machine.
(3 Points)
David Lee
Scores buckets without a conscience…
(3 Points)
Monta Ellis
Smooth as a kid, still smooth in the league.
(3 Points)
Josh Smith
Iverson’s nemesis…
(3 Points)
  Larry Brown
(Top Left Player) “I am taking my talents to Woodridge Elementary…”
(3 Points)
 LeBron James
North of the Border.
(3 Points)
Steve Nash
Let’s just say that the toilets flush backwards with this guy.
(3 Points)
Andrew Bogut
Closes games like it’s his job. (Great T-Shirt by the way)
(3 Points)
Chauncey Billups
Pretty fun to play with and great flannel…
(3 Points)
  Jason Kidd
(3 Points)
 Adonal Foyle
1st Grade Picture.
(3 Points)
 Greg Oden
  –Out of 12 Points
  For God’s sake, retire already!
(1 Point)
  Joe Paterno
style=”clear: both; text-align: center;”>Let’s just say he doesn’t like BBQ catering.
(1 Point)
  Randy Moss
 (Two) Brothers from the south.
(2 Points Each)
  Peyton and Eli Manning
Classic case of the Pauper becoming the PRINCE! 
(3 Points)
  Tom Brady
Looks exactly the same now slinging the rock in the NFL.
(3 Points)
 Sam Bradford 
  -Out of 9 Points.
Had girls chasing him then, has girls chasing him now.
(3 Points)
 Cristiano Ronaldo
A wizard with the ball even as a niño.
(3 Points)
 Basically same height now, but sure can score some goals.
(3 Points)
Lionel Messi

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