Now Trick What? Lace Who? That ain’t what Mace do…Got a lot of girls that’d love to replace you.
Written by: Slim
Tuesday is Media Day for the Super Bowl…SO, that means Slim is having a Media Day of our own with videos and pictures galore.
This weekend I watched one of my favorite sports movie of all-time, “The Sandlot” and forgot how much of a crush I had on Wendy Peffercorn.  And when I say crush, I mean I love her and would pay the following bills in her life to marry me…
-Phone Bill
-Gym Bill
-Nordstom Bill
-Mani/Pedi Bill
-Tanning Bill
-Salad and Diet Coke Bill

Wendy all GROWN UP!

Lotioning, Oiling…Oiling, Lotioning…OH WENDY PEFFERCORN! I am trying this move at the neighborhood pool this summer, NO DOUBT!


Next up, we head to the NBA and my brotha from anotha motha’, OKC’s Kevin Durant doing work as a young buck…

Going along with the NBA theme is my Jewish brotha from anotha motha’, New York Knick monster Amar’e Stoudemire as a 17 year old phenom…


Finally, straight from Canada…the Suns MVP Steve Nash sporting the short hair and repping the basketball powerhouse Santa Clara Broncos!

Finally…a few pictures of newly crowned “Most Exciting Player” in the NBA, LA Clipper Blake Griffin…

The first picture is of Blake and his older brother Taylor, with Taylor teaching Blake how to dunk…opposed to Taylor’s great tutelage, Slim’s older brother taught him the essence of a good stage presence when acting and singing in show tunes such as “Music Man” and “The King and I”.
SWEET!  Thanks Dave…

Just heard of this money, new nickname for B. Griff!
The Milkshake Man“, now serving all 29 FRANCHISES!

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