She Wax it All Off, Mr. Miyagi…
Written by: Slim

So, having not been writing for a few months, I have compiled a set of links, pictures, and articles fit for a King…And I am not talking about the “Figure Head” King that Prince William will eventually become.  I am of course talking about a King like my boy King Solomon back in the day.  What do you know about 700 Wives and 300 Concubines?  I don’t even know what a CONCUBINE is, but I would love a few around the house.  That is the type of king I am trying to please…

So with that LINKS, ARTICLES, PICTURES, and everything else I have stumbled upon over the last few months:

Derrick Rose, Have a bigger and faster……………………First step.  What did you think I was going to say?

Oh My god…HUN CAL! 


Ladies and Gents, St. Johns Mens Basketball Coach Steve Lavin’s WIFEY…YUM:

A Must READ: Duke Senior Honors Thesis

Slim always says…Don’t bring your girl to the club, but if you do, it is going to end up looking a little bit LIKE THIS:


You know how Slim loves him some great sports names…So HERE YA GO:

Shoot the J, SHOOT IT!  Our favorite purple coloring, when doves cry singing, crazy tight pant wearing friend Prince is about to get stomped out by NBA monster Carlos Boozer.

David Beckham  not only gets to lay it on Posh Spice, but is also not half bad at that whole futbol thing either.


 NBA 2K11 Funny and Actually True Player RATINGS:

  Brian Wilson, Cody Ross and of course our favorite video Ho-fessional, Keenan Cahill.


The King of Pop Mike Jackson with BO KNOWS EVERYTHING, BO JACKSON!

One of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life…Everyone meet LeBron James father, Mr. Delonte West…”BETTER HAVE MY DONUTS!”  

Not only did Weekend at Bernie’s provide us with one of the most dynamic films of the late 80’s, but it now gives us the dirty dance, THE BERNIE!

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