Any Damsel That’s in Distress Be Out of That Dress When She Meet Jim West…
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Roger Federer lost today in the Wimbledon quarterfinals after being up 2-0 in the match. Before tonight, “Club Fed” had been 178-0 when leading 2-0 in Grand Slam matches. Yes, you heard me, 178-0! If I played Jenga vs. Muhammad Ali 178 times I would lose a at least a few times, that is amazing. Too soon?

More Wimbledon news, and this is a DOOZY…Andy Murray’s opponent last night, Feliciano Lopez has been getting some love from Murray’s mom, yeah it got really weird after she tweeted the following to the 29 year old Spanish fire cracker…: “Oooooooooh Deliciano…….looking good out there. As always.”  Twitter is so cool and so inherently CREEPY at the same time.  It is kind of like some (All) of my dude friends in college past the hours of 3am after 41 drinks.

Nothing like pouring a little more salt in Seattle’s wound as Toronto Blue Jay starting pitcher Brandon Morrow was throwing absolute gas in his start last night. 97-98 mph and 10 k’s in 7 innings…And I know I have been hard on the “206” lately, but it’s a little thing I like to call tough love. How do you think Pujols and Manning are where they are, Messi and Kobe, and for the ladies, Gaga and Bieber, TOUGH LOVE!  Be on the lookout for an article about Seattle, the Best of the West (totally trying to redeem myself).  Also, check out video #2, that is for you Seattle.

Someone is still ready and willing to pay Greg Oden?  This seven foot, 62 year old nightmare has missed 164 games in 3 seasons and won’t play till 2012.  But like my second girlfriend once told me, you can’t teach size…and he has size everywhere in his life, just google “Greg Oden sext message”.   G.O. got an initial 8.8 million qualifying offer from the Trail Blazers last night and is expected to get PAID.  Luckily for the people of NYC who are in the Easter Time Zone, the Knicks management must have already called it a night and gone to bed because there isn’t a 100 million dollar offer for BRODEN (Broken Oden) on the table.

39 year old Jaromir Jagr is going to return to Pittsburgh Penguins next year. In other news, 112 year old Gordie Howe is not going to come out of retirement. In other, OTHER news…WHOOOOO CARESSSSS!

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