We Party Rock, Yeah, That’s the Crew That I’m Reppin’…On the Rise to the Top, No Lead in our Zeppelin…
Written by: Slim


 How are you gonna tackle this monster…this NIGERIAN NIGHTMARE!

Cocaine is a hell of a drug…LAWRENCE TAYLOR actually taking someone’e life on the football field!

Who is better looking, Derek Jeter or George Costanza?

What could possibly make me feel any better about the looming NBA lockout?  Lingerie basketball ANYONE?

Mark McGwire and Bill Murray…Pre-Juice for Mark, pre Ernie McCracken for Bill.

Kobe Bean Bryant with none other than Brandy (No last name required) for his Senior Prom.  Hey creepy guy on the right…25 year old white guys from Serbia aren’t invited to prom.

If Wilt the Stilt gives stiff elbows like this, I “wonder” how he…nevermind.  There is no “wonder”…Wilt hangs 15′ in the bedroom.

 Ron Artest with all of his “SEXTS” getting plastered on the Internet!  Hey Ron, “Do you sleep with strangers often?”

Shaq Diesel, when put next to more normal (sluttier) people, actually looks like a human Water Buffalo.

Larry the Legend just can’t get any more hick…look at that whispering stache and cowboy BOOTS!

Carmelo, I know you are from the hood in Baltimore, but you can’t be hood with a motha f’ing PANDA BEAR!

Chris Mullin getting it high and tight…


Ray Ray college pic at UCONN…wish more than anything the assistant coaches from “HE GOT GAME” were on the bed!



The Glove, Gary Payton, will not..I repeat, WILL NOT back down to His Airneess.  And I am not a forensics major, but it looks like he is going to say something starting with the letter “F” and it’s probably not “friend”.

Blake Griffin just hanging around…is that basket REGULATION?

O.J. and white women just aren’t a good match…TOO SOON?  If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit!

 Weekend at Bernies 32, OAKLAND EDITION! 

Just the coolest thing in the world…minus the cowboy right behind the backboard.

Charles Barkely never really liked attention and yes, Chris Farley in drag will haunt my dreams for the rest of time.

  Heinz Ward, with the other outstanding Seniors at his Georgia HS…I would give a lot of cash for that chubby guy’s vest.  THE VEST ALWAYS PLAYS!

David Tyree…one and only catch in the NFL.  Not a bad time…

Why would you ever mess with a 6’4, 235 lb monster named DRE!

Simply the coolest picture of all time, no question about it. 

Bo and Mike, Mike and Bo…this picture makes me too uncomfortable. 

Tom Brady still looking sharp in  High School.

Joe PA was old looking in 1973!


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