Gimme All Yo Money and Give Me All Yo Residuals…
Written by: Slim

Monday, February 27th in our year of the Dragon…


Can’t begin the week without a little LINSANITY…two videos to start the week off:

The real meeting behind the scenes at ESPN before the Headline that shocked the world!

Superior Lintellect:

Ben and Jerry’s ice cream actually came out with a flavor of frozen yogurt called the “Taste the LinSanity…” and yes it had little pieces of fortune cookies in it…Is that a joke? Only funny because it is true. When Ben and Jerry’s creamery approaches me in the near future for my own flavor, I want my ice cream to be called the “Slim Special” with bits of matzah and frozen balls of Manischewitz wine. Equally inappropriate, but infinitely tasty.

Watching the NBA dunk contest on Saturday night was so dismal that I actually checked out the new social phenomenon Pintrest…after finding out every girls wish list of food/art/wedding attire and men, I ran back to the dunk contest to watch guys I never heard of perform terrible to very terrible dunks.

Jeremy Evans win was the worst I have seen in ages and because of this I am about to link the longest video in Slimwiththetiltedbrim history…Yes, stop your vlookups in excel, stop your facebook creeping…while you are on that conference call that you are not actually paying attention too…take this 14 mins to drink these 15 dunks down the hatch. If you were too young to remember, actual NBA Superstars used to participate in this competition. Fast forward to 2012 when this years fearsome foursome were the likes of:
-La Costa Canyon’s finest ginger Chase Buddinger.
-The Indiana man with two first names, Paul George.
-Utah Jazz forward Jeremy Evans…WHO!?!?! From? Western Kentucky, home of the Hilltoppers. And to clarify for all who may ask…NO, there is absolutely no Jazz in Utah.
-The T-wolves PF Derrick Williams…who peaked in college. ¬†DWill, tough playing against guys way more athletic than you isn’t it?

Dunks on Dunks:

Photos of the Weekend:

Soccer Stud Alex Morgan…I am not NOT going to think of this when I go to bed:












Diddy owns eight Koo Koo Roos and one big white man’s crotch.

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