Flyer Than a Piece of Paper Bearin My Name…Got the Hottest Chick in the Game Wearin my Chain.
Written by: Slim

A few things to think about on this the first day of March:

First and foremost…I want everyone to meet JaVele McGee, that of the Washington Wizards and first NBA player to be the son of a WNBA player. What people don’t know is that over the past year or so he has put together quite the resume of stupid f’ing idiotic plays. JaVele McGee (yes, he has FOUR capital letters in his name)…HAVE ANOTHER PAL!

J. McGee, top three videos:

Hey Blake Griffin…Shawn Kemp Thinks YOU ARE SOFT:

Yes, I need news on my girl Alex Morgan daily…am I obsessed, NO. Would I sell my own flesh and blood down the river to enjoy second base move with Miss morgan? YES. And when I mean second base, I obviously mean a bottle of pinot gris and and Hitch in the DVD player.













Finally, not sure if I think this video is amazing or horribly haunting…professional bowler Pete Weber…yes, Pete is a professional athlete.

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