From the Window or a Jet, U C L A like a Bruin…
Written by: Slim

Monday…a day of reflection, NCAA Conference Tournaments and of course more sports videos and links than Nancy Kerrigan has knee scars.

To start off, baseball…YES BASEBALL is right around the corner.  And no, sorry Royal and Pirate fans…you will NOT make the playoffs.  Tim Kurkjian is a famous ESPN baseball analyst and this impression by Blue Jay catcher J.P. Arencibia gets me every time:

Next, for all my boys spending 30 mins a day in the gym getting ready for the Southern California beach weather…might want to make that 45 mins a day after seeing this list: NBAs Most Jacked Players

Ben Wallace is not NOT the scariest, most terrifying man since John Coffey…love a good Green Mile reference.







Another Link…You can own Michael Jeffrey Jordan’s house for a cool 29 million in Chicago: Check it…JUMPMAN23

Moving forward, let’s get a little more NBA action in this post. The NBA, where HANDSHAKES HAPPEN…and let’s just throw this out there that if JR Smith worked half as hard on his jump shot as his pre-game moves, he would be Dominique Wilkins…

Finally…Sports Blog TEREZ OWENS gives us a nice timeline of LeBron and his hairline over the next 5 years:

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