Slim was created in the early spring of 2010 to enlighten my friends and anyone who wanted to listen about sports, dude stuff, and of course stories and rumors with a very suggestive and of course sexual undertone.  Slim is an outlet for me to get all of my sporting thoughts and knowledge out on paper…and yes it feels good to very good.

I want this blog to take the reader away from their normal lives for a few laughs, smiles and even a little sports information.  Who are we kidding…I want you to laugh so hard that while you are frantically hitting ALT-TAB on your keyboard, your Senior Manager finds the “Slim NFL Cheerleader” article open on your computer.  Although now fired, you will now have ample time to read Slim, so you got that going for you.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, article suggestions or just want to say “hello”, you can email Slim at: slimwttb@gmail.comOr you can find me at the local watering hole, you choose…now the Slim bio:


-Is between 5’7” and 6’3” in height…
-Is a 27 year old Leo, so send presents in August.
-If he had to eat one food for breakfast, lunch and dinner…it would be TACOS, TACOS and TACOS.
-Favorite R&B; singer of all time is Genuwine.
-Once owned a pair of Adidas Sambas…DO NOT JUDGE.
-Favorite TV show of all time is “Saved By the Bell”…no questions asked.
-In the third grade, with his best friend, pantsed a fellow classmate back to back…thus going to private school for two years.
-Has made more than one mix CD for girls…once again, don’t judge me, it was the 90’s.
-Favorite sports team of all time is the Seattle SuperSonics in the late 90’s…Alley Oops for dayyys.
-Had braces for the better part of a decade, or at least it felt like it.
-Owned a water bed his entire high school career…TRUE STORY.
-And finally, if you ever see Slim out at a bar, his favorite shot is the good ol’ Jäger Bomb…just so he can say “Jäger Bomb, Jäger Bomb, Jäger Bomb”…just like a guy from Jersey.


Drew B. Bio:


Tyler P. Bio:

-Loves Apples…especially in little bags.
-Has been known to “Stanky Leg” on occasion…
-Does not like Reebok, Adidas, Puma, Fila, British Knights and/or Under Armour…Only those NIKEs…(Like Booby Miles says it).
-Bleeds Purple and Gold of the Washington Huskies…
-Does a great Denver Bronco RB Laurence Moroney impression. “Yeah, I’m going to the League…”
-Like Slim, loves the slow jams, especially in the bedroom (with chicks of course, or CHICK…I got you JH)
-Favorite pump up song is “It’s Raining Men…”
-Enjoys talking in the third person.

Tyler R. Bio

-Has his own vocabulary and made-up words…including 41 nicknames.
-Likes tequila and forcing it upon anyone willing to drink…
-Has a cannon for an arm and one hell of a QB in flag football.
-Used to sell life insurance and now works for the Seahawks…talk about a turnaround for the best! So, he is basically Kurt Warner 2.0!
-Always has a fresh fade…
-Loves Denver Bronco QB Kyle Orton.

Morgan G. Bio
-Two biggest loves in life are burritos and mid-calf socks.
-Is very fun to play “Drink if you have ever…” with.
-Knows every single movie/actor known to man.
-Has been recently overcome with the “shake weight” movement.
-Hates rental cars.
-Hates most chicks.
-Loves most chicks.
-Would sell his soul to the devil to be a ***** (5-Star) recruit from SOCAL with a mean streak.
Joel Rue Bio:

-Loves Carnation “Instant Breakfast Drinks”
-Lives in Newport Beach, CA…so any ladies down there looking to get broken off, meet him at Woody’s Wharf, trust me.
-Has a great air bass guitar…”Slapping the Bass Mannnn”
-Is a Washington State Cougar, which Slim does not like…
-Gets 100% silent after 31 beers, 11 shots of tequila, 3 jello shots and 2 slow dances to Keith Sweat…I mean like Charlie Chaplin Silent.
-Once got his girlfriend stolen by Jamal Crawford…Atlanta Hawks sharpshooter. TOO SOON?
-First car was the Isuzu Trooper…love that f’ing thing!
-And finally, Barb, his mom, makes a delightful Oreo Cookie Surprise Dessert…What is the suprise one might ask? You don’t want to KNOW!