WATHLETES (Wasted Athletes)…Just showing us that everyone is human and has a few drinks from time to time.  And when I mean a few, I am talking about 26-31 drinks.

San Antonio Spur PG Tony Parker is:
Going to have a menage trois with two beautiful women…Eva Longoria, eat yo’ heart out!

NBA All-Stars Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki having a “MOMENT“.
Denver Bronco QB Brady Quinn and his Village People outfit…NOT SWEET!  Need at least 33 drinks to get me into one of those hats.
Houston Texans QB Matt Leinhart…weird that his career has been in shambles!
Washington Redskin Running Back Larry Johnson poppin’ bottles…cause you know he isn’t poppin’ long runs.
New York Giant QB Eli Manning, that is not your wife, KNOW THAT!

Boston Red Sox 2b Dustin Pedroia double fisting for dayyyyyys.

Orlando Magic PG Chris Duhon getting freaky with a young lady.

 Baron Davis…maybe you should call a cab.
Allen Iverson, grab a shirt…
Barry Zito, leather jacket?  REALLY?  I can’t put my finger on why you sucked after signing that monster contr
act?  WEIRD?!?!
Big Ben…BEING, BIG BEN!  “Drink like a champion today…” Nice message BEN!
Even Derek Jeter likes a brew from time to time…
Dirk…after 32 DUNKEL beers!  HAVE ANOTHER!
Greg Oden showing the world why SLIM does not want a daughter!
Steelers Kicker Jeff Reed…C’MON MAN!
There are no words…
Jim Edmonds…surrounded by 3 out of 10’s.
The Rays Jonny Gomes drinking beer out of a…well you can see!  It supports and goes in baseball pants if you catch my drift!
Broncos QB Kyle Orton getting WASTED!
Kyle Orton sans beard…still getting WASTED!
His Airness, MJ feeling like he can fly!
Alexander the Great after a few too many “White Russians.”
SHOWSTOPPA, SHOW SHOWSTOPPA!  Titans QB Vince Young killing it at a club!